Ignoring the tsunami of technology humming behind her,

The chaos of cameras, computers and calculators

Covering the walls, she shuts her eyes and smiles.

This isn’t what she imagined as a girl.

In all those classroom daydreams she always saw herself

Looking down – or up – at the world from high above – or below –

Beside a plate-sized portal, straining to glimpse

Some small portion of the planet spinning silently beyond

The scratched and fingerprint-smeared glass, unable to see

More than mere hints of the colours, shadows and shapes

Shown in all the books and magazines…


But this


Earth is there… everywhere

A ball of burning blue close enough to touch.

Painted on the heavens in all its Van Gogh glory

It fills the sky, overflows her sight,

A startling Stargate of colour in an ocean of emptiness.

Even with her eyes closed she still sees its azure glow,

Feels its sapphire shades blazing in the ink-black night.

In the work-day-over darkness, Earthlight

Washes her face like cool rain as painfully beautiful

Whirls and whorls of milk-white cloud swirl

O’er the world below and she knows, in her aching

Heart, that long after she has returned to Terra,

To walk barefoot on its dew-drenched grass and

Splash in its ocean’s surging surf a part of her

Will always be here, at this window, gazing down

Upon the Earth.


© Stuart Atkinson 2010

Note: this poem was inspired by a picture taken by a NASA shuttle astronaut. You can see the picture, and read about its story, here:  And my “poster” version of this poem, incorporating the picture, can be found here.
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