National Poetry Writing Month 2016

I’m taking part in an exciting/interesting/terrifying “poetry challenge” – to write a poem a day for a whole month. Yes, I know, what was I thinking??

The challenge is part of “National Poetry Writing Month”, which you can read all about here.

I’ve decided to (attempt to) write a poetry “grand tour of the solar system”, visiting all the planets and many of the moons and smaller bodies in the Sun’s family, starting with the Sun and moving outwards (old school, I know) and I’ll post the poems here as I write them. Some will be illustrated, others won’t, depending on time and subject matter. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck, and I hope you’ll check back here to see how the Grand Tour progresses through April…!

1 sol pic

2 Sunspots pic

prominences jpg

4 Flare jpg

mercury jpg

6 Venus

7 jpg

8 Visiting Venera jpg

9 Things Unique To Earth jpg

10 Moon jpg

11 Mars jpg

11 Mars jpg

12 Phobos jpg

13 Opportunity jpg



15 Jupiter jpg

16 Jupiter Moons jpg

17 Jupiter - Great Red Spot jpg

18 Mimas jpg

19 Titan jpg


20 Enceladus jpg


21 Saturn jpg


22 Uranus jpg


23 Miranda jpg

24 Neptune jpg

25 Pluto jpg


27 HALE BOPP jpg

28 The Next Great Comet jpg


29 Planet 9 jpg


30 View From Afar jpg