About me…


I am an amateur astronomer and spaceflight enthusiast, living in the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, England. I have been “into space” since I was knee-high to R2D2, and as well as running my town astronomical society I also spend a lot of what I laughingly call my “spare time” giving Outreach talks in local schools and to local organisations, writing for local newapapers and broadcasting on local radio stations, and writing children’s book on astronomy and space (11 published so far…)

My homepage is here, if you’d like to know more…

But I also love poetry, so it seemed a good idea to try and combine my love of astronomy and space with my passion for poetry. On these pages you’ll find the results of my attempt to create poetry that reflects the beauty of the universe and our achievements in exploring and understanding it, and our place in it.

Does it work? I don’t know… that’s not for me to say… I just hope you find something here that you like. If you do, maybe you’ll let me know… 🙂

4 responses

16 03 2009

Thank you for your poem about the Kepler Mission, “To Seek..” It is awesome!

2 11 2013

Yes it works. I like it

7 02 2014
Dave Brody (@DavidSkyBrody)

“…once-white now sepia surface suits…”
Just one of so many, many phrase-gems adorning your work like billions of hematite spheroids. Respect!

16 11 2014
Oscar Encina

I would like to read your poems about Philae. Thank you…

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