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…and then, suddenly, A candle flame of consciousness Quivers in the darkness And Rosetta is awake. At the start, the pulse of her electronic heart Barely a flutter, but enough To rouse her from her drowsy sleep And pull her … Continue reading

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Where did you come from, little one? That plate of rock was bare, I swear, Then suddenly you were there, Basking in the sunlight, right where We would see you. Just sitting there, Looking up at us, Like Dug in … Continue reading

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Losing Lovejoy

  …and there you are again, still shining Stubbornly above the trees, An on-the-very-edge-of-sight star Far to icy Vega’s lower right, Bathed in lonely Rasalhague’s glow. Nowhere near as easy to see as you were On Christmas Eve; your head … Continue reading


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