Here are the poems I’m writing for National Poetry Writing Month – one a day, every day, during April… madness, I know! This will be the third year I’ve done this, and my theme for this year is Mars. You’re shocked, I know…!

Anyway, here we go, one Mars-related poem a day, every day, for a month…

April 1st: Lowell’s Mars

April 2nd: War Of The Worlds

April 3rd: The Martian Chronicles

April 4th: How Mariner 9 Murdered Mars 

April 5th: Vikings 

April 6th: Sojourner 

April 7th: Spirit 

April 8th: Opportunity

April 9th: The Colour Of The Sky

April 10th: The Sun

April 11th: Twin Moons

April 12th: Dust

April 13th: O Mons

April 14th: Marineris

April 15th: On Mars

April 16th: MPL

April 17th: Phoenix

April 18th: Curiosity

April 19th: Beagle 2

April 20th: My First View

April 21st: National Geographic

April 22nd: Red Mars

April 23rd: Landing Day

April 24th: First Footprint

April 25th: First Death

April 26th: First Birth

April 27th: Halley’s Comet Returns

April 28th: Visiting Opportunity

April 29th: War