Just as day follows night,

Sunset follows sunrise

And dusk follows dawn

War will follow us to Mars.

Small disputes at first; countries

Clashing over mining rights to ice

Or water, minerals or ore.

But one sol all-out war will rage

Across the world named after that gore-drenched

Roman God. Blood will flow briefly down the slopes

Of Olympus and Pavonis before freezing;

Armies will march down Marineris, kicking

Up clouds of dust like long extinct buffalo herds

Before smashing together with shouts and screams,

Swords flashing and gleaming in the golden sunlight,

Guns and missiles cast aside, exchanged for

Old fashioned cruel blades,

A far more elegant and efficient way

Of opening-up a spacesuit or slicing through

An air hose than a bullet or grenade.


© Stuart Atkinson 2018

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