She’s the Indiana Jones of Mars.

The brave one, the bold one, the one

That knows no fear. She landed on Mars

With a jazz hands “Ta DAAH!!!”

Like a movie star at a film premier

Posing for the paparazzi, tossing back her hair

In the flashbulbs’ glare.

Then off she sped on her whirlwind tour of landmarks,

Hopscotching between fascinating places,

Her eagle eyes spotting meteorites here, there

And everywhere; driving into craters with

All the glee of Lara Croft dropping through a long-lost temple’s roof,

Eager to see the treasures hidden inside.

When Spirit died there was no time for mourning.

Each new steel-blue dawn was a gift and she grabbed it,

Racing across the Great Meridiani dust sea

To climb triumphantly up onto Cape York’s stony beach

On the edge of Endeavour, the crater

The “experts” said she’d never reach.


And there she is today, more than a marathon away

From El Capitan’s parchment-thin layers,

And the martian bunny the Net’s tin foil hat-wearing nutters

Spotted hiding beneath her cocoa powder-stained airbags.

14 long years after landing (in YOUR face Mark Whatney!)

She’s still going strong. Winds whistling up Perseverance Valley

Have swept the dust from her back leaving her showroom clean

And keener than ever to explore. When she grows bored

Of Endeavour’s clay-rich charms, the towering cliffs of Iazu

Await to the south, just one more impossible drive away…


© Stuart Atkinson 2018

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