Come with me… and you’ll be…
In a world of pure fabrication…

Post all the Picard face-palm memes you like – I don’t care.
I just feel sorry for you sad Sheeple,
Stumbling around, blissfully unaware of The Truth
When it’s all right there, on YouTube!

You have no idea what’s really going on, do you?
You don’t know we live in a Matrix of lies!!!
Those feathered lines criss-crossing the sky?
Toxins sprayed from camouflaged planes!
Not contrails, no – poisonous chemtrails,
Piss hissing from a Government skunk’s ass.
I’ve seen photos (on a forum) of huge silver tanks
Crammed inside the aircraft so I know;
I feel evil powder pattering onto my face
As I pace nervously around town,
See it rise from my unwashed hair in a cloud
When I take off my tin foil hat and shake my head
Before crawling into my single bed.

Come with me one day to watch dawn break.
Bring your camera and I’ll show you
How to capture the elusive Second Sun,
You know, the one only a few people in the world have ever seen?
Of course, Sheeple, brains washed by “science”
Tell us it’s “just a lens flare”,
“Light bouncing around your Canon’s insides”
But we know that’s a lie – Earth’s Sun is clearly not the only one!
A second star burns in the solar system’s heart;
Incredibly, invisible to all the rovers rolling around Mars
And probes silently circling Saturn and the Moon,
Yet visible through my bedroom window if I point my iPhone
At the sky before sunset or after sunrise…

And don’t get me started on Mars!
Look closely and you’ll see anomalies, anomalies!
Barsoom’s covered in anomalies!
Tortured, zoomed-in JPGs clearly show
The Mars NASA doesn’t want you to know:
Tiny yetis loping between the stones;
Dinosaur skulls sitting out on the sand;
Pistols and spears clutched in fossilised hands – oh my,
They’re all there beneath that salmon pink sky!
I’ve seen photos of martian crabs hiding in cracks;
Squashed beetles pressed flat in Opportunity’s tracks;
Glass tunnels snaking along valley floors
With huge Shai Hulud worms quivering inside.
And, of course, all of us (taps nose) In The Know knew all along
That Mars’ sky is really blue, not that dusky orange hue
Never A Straight Answer NASA keeps telling you…

Why can’t you see these truths yourselves?
It’s all online! Just Google it! Do your research, like I
Did, it’ll take you five minutes or less, I swear.
Just dig and you’ll find countless wonders buried there!

Roll up, roll up, see petrified babies crying as evil doctors, eyes shining,
Faces contorted in Nazi scientist sneers,
Spear their pudgy arms with foot-long syringes full of
“Vaccines” to turn their brains to mush
And ruin their little lives;
See body bags piled high in secret FEMA camps,
Ready for when Obama rubber stamps his long-planned Muslim cull
Of every pistol-packing patriot who ever dared
To speak out against him and his Liberal lies;
See the Classified Files proving a flying
Saucer crash-landed at Roswell, revealing how, even now, its survivors
Are working hand-in-tentacle with the Illuminati
To enslave us all.
Watch the Twin Towers fall in tragedy-porn slow-mo, on Vimeo,
Over and over and over again;
Satan’s face grinning insanely through the smoke
As Saudi missiles, hidden beneath the “hijacked” (HA!)
Planes’ wings slam into them,
Melting steel beams more efficiently
Than all those tons of aircraft fuel could ever do –

( Don’t shake your head, don’t tell me it’s not true;
I’ve seen it on YouTube, I told you! )

Yes, of course I trust ‘Revelation666’ – sitting
In his mom’s spare room, X-Files posters hanging off the walls
And his favourite “Ancient Aliens” DVD playing on repeat –
More than NASA or the Government, or ‘scientists’.
Why would he lie (or she? Who knows?) lie to me?
Not just to get hits on their ad-covered website, surely?
Not for the sick thrill of spreading fears and lies?

And as for Nibiru… oh, my poor abused Nibiru,
Why won’t they believe in you?
Why can’t they see how easy it would be
For a planet, Saturn’s size, to hide Out There
Without reflecting Sol’s golden glare,
Without being seen and photographed by every curious
Space-probe’s eagle eyes as it slides silently in
From the void like V’Ger,
Its giant Nephilim crew’s hungry gaze fixed on Earth
Where Annanuki meddling gave birth
To Mankind millennia before…

And it baffles me how lovers still swoon
Beneath the dazzling silvery Moon believing
Stars and Stripes ever flew there,
Left behind by wide-eyed explorers
In puffed-up snow white suits,
When the Truth is there, written in CAPS LOCK on a million blogs.
Look closely, Sheeple! No stars are shining in the jet black sky!
And the shadows are clearly being cast by Kubrick’s studio lights,
Not the Sun! And someone explain to me, seriously,
How Armstrong could survive that impossible two day flight
Through the Van Allen Belts without being microwaved?

( What’s that? “Learn some science!” you say?
“All those things can be explained!”
Yeah, right… I’d trust my friends in their Anonymous masks
More than bullshitting bragging boffins any day!)

Sometimes I find it hard to sleep, knowing all these secrets.
In my dreams I hear Diana screaming
As her car is forced off that Paris road,
Assassinated by Secret Service ghosts;
I see Marilyn Monroe’s long legs kicking
As pills are forced down her lovely throat.
But why can’t they all see what I see? Why are they so blind?
The Evidence is there, it’s easy to find.
There’s a mine of mind-blowing information
The size of Moria online, just waiting to explore.

Don’t they want to know the Earth is flat?
How can they live not knowing that?
(Some say it’s hollow though – the fools!
It can’t be flat AND hollow too!
Do some research! You’ll find the Truth!)

…and as for global warming..! I thought JK Rowling
Wrote fantasy, but Gore’s grim fairy tales
Of CFCs and Earth sweltering in a man-made heatwave
Should win a Nebula award.
If the world is burning up then how come
I need a jumper on in June?
How can hailstones fall from the sky in July
If we’re all about to die?

I’ll admit it’s lonely, doing what I do,
But it will be worth it in the end.
One day these secrets will be revealed
And then – – – !
But for now I’ll just get by, subscribing
To every fruit loop YouTube channel I can find,
Trolling the comments on NASA’s Facebook posts,
Ending every sneering smart arse quote with “LOL”
As proof that I know more than them…

© Stuart Atkinson 2016

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