nh-charon enh me

…and then they showed us a world carved out of bone,
Painted a hundred shades of grey with smears of cold
Corpse blue;”new” craters scattered here and there
Like bullet holes left in desert road signs
By bored station wagon snipers.Around the pole – Mordor,
A dark plain stolen from Ganymede? Or an aquifer of blood
Bubbling deep beneath the ice?
Leaning forward in our seats we wondered if the screen
Would next show LORRI frames of orcs
Slaving over pits of fire,
Hammers clanging ‘gainst the glowing blades
Of newborn swords…

Instead, south of Mordor’s bruised border
We saw a vast, meandering gorge,
Like an axe wound cleaved from Charon’s face.
Easy to believe a screeching Fell Beast, not geology,
Made this – cruel claws raking the ground
As its tattered wings pounded the air,
Terrified foes fleeing across the ice,
The Nazgul on its back screaming with delight…

(c) Stuart Atkinson 2015

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