Titan Rising


Imagine witnessing this sight with your own wide eyes:

Wondrous Enceladus reduced to a mere dark dome,

Its deep-in-shadow south pole black as a Mordor midnight.

Of its famed plumes and spumes of precious watery spray –

No sign; its Death Star trench Tiger Stripe

Sulci hidden from Cassini’s view. Only Titan

Looming overhead, its fingernail-clipping thin

Crescent a faintly glowing scythe blade of light

Shining dully in the cold, Enceladean night.

And between the two the silver sword blade

Of The Rings, an icy dagger pushed close

Against Titan’s trembling throat,

Drawing beads of methane blood

Whilst cutting the very sky in two…

© Stuart Atkinson 2010


Illustrated version: http://twitpic.com/1qzgqo

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