SDO Opens its Eyes

                                                                                                                                                                                                           First Light…

And at last, the secret of our solar system’s star has been revealed:

Concealed beneath its brightly shimmering, ever-shifting shells

Of ancient hydrogen a mighty dragon lies; planet-sized

Eyes flashing with photon fire, riding the great plasma tides

Boiling up from Sol’s deep core, it roars in raw delight,

Feeding on the brutal fusion light throbbing beneath its feet…

Hiding in the Sun’s dark heart it bathes in nuclear fire,

Revelling in its fury, rolling in it, each beat of its wings

Sending great waves of energy slamming up into the

Chromosphere to ripple and roil across Sol’s surface

In tsunamis of atomic fire, to the amazement of those watching,

Wide-eyed, on Faraday’s far-away Earth…

But these images reveal the dragon is not alone;

The Sun’s firestorm fields clearly have shielded

Our prying eyes from flocks of phoenixes flying

In the dragon’s wake. Each time a starfirebird bursts

Through the seething surface of our star we see

A glorious prominence leaping into space;

Every feathered, towering arch traces out the path

Of a phoenix’s graceful rise and fall.

Each time one manages to break free

Of the Sun’s greedy gravity we see a

Fiery red banner billow out, tatter and tear,

Flapping away like it had never been there…

© Stuart Atkinson 2010

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