Spirit Prevails…


I’ll admit there was a time back then –

when Sol’s golden light flickered and died –

that I thought Homeplate would be

my grave; as the sunlight faded

and my sight grew dim, a thin

and bony hand touched lightly on my beetle back

and turning I saw Death beside me,

smiling sadly as the salmon-tinted sky

was slowly fouled by clouds of swirling cinnamon

dust; rust-hued circuit-smothering fines

covered the Sun and plunged

me into Kuiperian gloom. Soon I shivered

in the frigid dark, sensing the spark

of my life sputtering, my heartflame guttering,

and weary beyond words I heard my Makers say

“Stay!” so I obeyed, and drove no more…


Sols passed, and like a dusty statue standing

on a plinth of sediment and stone I watched

the Sun phase in and out of view; each new

sunrise shone fainter than the last, each brooding

sunset burned darker than the one that went

before and more than once I thought I felt

the breeze from death’s sharp and sweeping scythe –


         but I survived! and now the sky above grows bright

again, and even though dark dust has smothered me

and covers me, and my eyes are scratched and sore

I’ll tarry here no more. Not with fresh red rock to rove

and roam and lasagne-layers of ancient Gusev stone

to study and explore!


Homeplate’s mysteries and myths await –

and Man’s Spirit yearns to learn again…!


© Stuart Atkinson 2007


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