From A Distance


Just think…

To the eyes of an alien Voyager,

built on and flung hard away from

an exotic, alien world whirling ‘round

some faraway star, Earth would look like that:

a soft focus blue and white ball,

all its cultures and countries concealed

beneath congealed-cream, candyfloss clouds,

little more than a Christmas tree bauble

bobbing about in an ocean of ink…


Just think…

On one Far Future day, a pale,

proud martian kid will say “THAT’s Earth?

Big deal!” as they gaze grudgingly

into a telescope eyepiece to peer

at Barsoom’s Evening Star…

But they’ll secretly marvel at the view,

wondering if all the blue really is cool,

clear water, as the computers they use at school say…


How strange…

To think that some day people will see

an image as vague and watery as this,

as a telescope aimed at a faraway star

sees a glint in the distant sun’s glare;

a roomful of scientists will stare at its

magnified portrait and whisper “We’ve

found it, an ocean-washed world just like ours,

an Earth circling an alien sun…”


But for today…

See how dark the disc of Luna is

as she skates past Terra’s face?

Against Earth’s hues of white and blue

Selene’s gown is as brown as dirt, as dark

as just-ploughed soil soaked by rain.

So strange to see the brilliant Moon

that has made so many lovers swoon

reduced to a mere muddy sphere…


© Stuart Atkinson 2008

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