After teasing and taunting them,

Flaunting my fledgling tail, skipping

And nipping between and behind

Their charcoal clouds I fell

From their ice-blue northern sky

And into the golden-hued south’s,

To shine in the Down Under’s sunset glow

Like a faerie trapped in amber.


At first only a few turned their eyes

Towards me; warned by northern

Friends and news reports that they ought

To look west after work where,

Lurking in the twilight

They’d find something glorious and new.

I watched them watching me,

Pointing, tracing the length of my tail

With shaking fingers, lingering

On sidewalks and quiet corners of streets.



And I knew I had them.


After countless millennia out in the cold

I felt bold now, and warmed by the Sun,

Delighting in my new celestial celebrity

I shook out my tail with glee, painting peacock veils

And streamers of cream and white light

Across their glossy southern sky!

Suddenly thousands were worshipping me,

Gathering on mountains and beaches to see

The Great Comet blazing in the burnished twilight,

A frozen fountain of silver and gold bursting high

Above their cities, harbours and towns..!


I do not want to go back out into The Cold,

To the void between worlds where this searing Sun

Is naught but a star. I want to stay

Here, with all of you, adored and feted; but my

Fate is to return to the Deep Dark

And watch this globe of wondrous white and blue

Recede into the gloom.








But until then I will shine!

My mock-aurora tail a silent flapping

Sail arcing o’er your heads as they shake

In disbelief at the sight of me.

“We’ll never see her like again”, I hear

you sighing as you watch

me gleam through the city-glow,

slowly setting behind the misty hills.




You never will.


 © Stuart Atkinson 2007

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